Solar mechanics kit

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Ontdek onze wetenschappelijke kits en zet speelenderwijs uw eerste stappen in de aeronomie, robotica, chemie, ruimtevaart, ecologie en natuurlijk astronomie ! Onze kits zijn 100% veilig en worden geleverd met een uitvoerige handleiding. Ondersteuning van een ouder kan aangewezen zijn !

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Bouw meer dan 20 verschillende zonne-energie aangedreven modellen en leer meer over hoe zonnecellen zonlicht opnemen en omzetten in mechanische energie. Voer experimenten uit met de zonnecel om te zien hoe verschillende plaatsingen van de zonnecel, verschillende lichtniveaus, verschillende lichtbronnen en verschillende ladingen invloed hebben op de werking van de zonnecel. Leer meer over zonne-energie op een leuke speelzame manier. Deze kit bevat een uniek eendelig solar motor die bestaat uit een fotovoltaïsche cel en een elektromotor samengevoegd in één compacte eenheid. Met deze zonne-motor, kun je tientallen verschillende elektrische voertuigen en apparaten van stroom voorzien. Bouw modellen, waaronder auto's, vrachtwagens, vliegtuigen, windmolens, waterraderen, robots, en andere voertuigen. De 60 pagina’s in volledig kleur tellende handboek neemt je stap voor stap meer door de experimenten. Het bouw platform is compatibel met alle andere Physics and Construction kits.  Exclusieve USA import !


Solar mechanics kit Recensie door Jennica Mosier
This toy set far exceeded my expectations. My kids desperately needed something to boost their brainpower and end the summer boredom. I bought two solar power building sets: the OWI 14-in-One solar robotics one and this mechanical one. The focus of this set is mechanics. It taught my 6-yr-old child so much about how to use gears and general mechanical structure. I do not think he learned very much about solar energy other than how the directness and strength of light made changes in the power supply for the creations. Remember that the focus is mechanics on this one. It is durable. It can be used to create a whole booklet of projects as well as your own experiments. The pieces are sometimes hard for a youngster to take apart, but they don't break while they try. We got a solid week of focused play out of this before he was less interested. Because he is 6, the parental involvement in following assembly directions was high at first, but got way better as he used it. The other solar set we bought for my 8-yr-old was very interesting and worked well, but it took hours of snipping tiny pieces of plastic to set up, and I feared we were damaging pieces as we made mistakes and removed them to try again. This is a fantastic, 5-star purchase. (Geplaatst op 08-04-2017)
Solar mechanics kit Recensie door Katherine Amann
My almost 9 year-old son uses this every day. He jumps out of bed, finds the sunniest spot in the house (the windows facing east, he's learned) and tries out his newest creation - usually not something out of the direction book. Then, when the sun is directly overhead, he makes something else to try out in the west windows in the afternoon. Before bed, he will often make a new configuration to try out the next morning. I have learned a bit about solar power and my son has learned a lot. He has started asking questions I can't answer. Time to start consulting google... Seriously, this one is a winner and I had reservations after buying the Thames and Cosmos Windmill and experiencing tons of frustration. Almost no adult help is needed and the pieces are sturdy and fit together well. Fairly good value here and now he's begging for a larger set. (Geplaatst op 08-04-2017)
Solar mechanics kit Recensie door Vincent F.
How to keep a kid quiet....NOT...........they keep running up to show me what they've made, demanding I praise them for the wonderful things they've build and THEN they tell me ALL about what they learnt from this box of (as far as I am concerned) disturbance I got this item in the hope I'd get a few minutes peace and quiet, that did not happen, so never again, unless I send this box with the kids to their Grandparents HAHA. No honestly, kids loved it, learning, building, making a mess, great fun. Recommend to all ! (Geplaatst op 08-04-2017)

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